The freight is dispatched with the shipping documents. The development of the optimal routes and organization of transportation is one of the important elements in the provision of quality freight forwarding services. Optimal routes are created based on comparative analysis of all available routes. When designing an optimal route, consider the following:

  • The delivery and destination points
  • Conditions at the delivery and destination points
  • Required delivery time
  • Limitation on the shipping cost
  • Scale and weight of portable goods
  • Opportunities for cargo transportation by means of various types of transports
  • Availability of contractual relationships with different profile freight companies
  • Requirement for freight tracking along the route
  • Preferred border crossings and customs clearance
  • Restrictions on transition of various types of freight through checkpoints and logistic centers.
  • More of required information is taken into account when considering incessant delivery of freight by means of various transports

Optimal route does not only guarantee on time delivery of freight, but also reduces its costs, making the delivery reliable and fast.

Employees of “ADY Container” can help you successfully deliver your freight to your door by implementing an optimal route development, which is a fairly complex and responsible task that forms the basis of  logistics chain.