Discharge operation

Container-loaded cargos are entering to the terminal with shipping documents. Wagons and containers are accepted by the park duty officer on the basis of transportation documents. Containers are discharged from the wagons. After the customs clearanceç, the container documents are issued to the consignee and the load is delivered to the consignor. When the cargo discharged in the consignees territory, the container is loaded onto the truck by means of a container lifter and returned back to the terminal. When the freight is discharged from container into the terminal area, the cargo is loaded into the truck by means of the forklift. The discharged container is dispatched to the destination.

Upload operation

Container provision divided according to the weight and volume of the load to be dispatched. Freight is loaded into the container then cargo is properly loaded and fastened. After loading the cargo into a container, the container is put on a platform. The customs clearance of the cargo is carried out on the basis of bill of lading and service acceptance report. Therefore, after the container loading, the documents are transferred to the freight treasury for the preparation of transportation documents.