Discharge operation

A train loaded with containers with shipping documents enter the terminal. Containers are then received by a park duty officer on the basis of transportation documents and are discharged from the platforms onto the terminal. After the documents of arrived containers are presented to the consignee for customs clearance. Once customs are cleared, the load is discharged to the receiver. If receiver prefers to unload on his own premises, the container is loaded onto a truck and later, once emptied, returns back to the terminal. If receiver prefers to unload the cargo within the terminal premises, the load is discharged from the container and placed into a truck by means of forklift. The empty container is then shipped back as intended.

Upload operation

The container is allocated based on the weight and volume of the cargo to be dispatched. The cargo is loaded into the container while proper loading and tightening of cargo is controlled. After loading the container, it is placed onto a platform. Cargo customs clearance is carried out on the basis of invoice and bill of lading presented by the shipper. Once the container is loaded, it is lock-sealed and the documents are transferred to the freight treasury for the preparation of shipping documents.