“ADY Container” is a subsidiary company of “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC. “ADY Container” was established to improve the quality and safety of rail freight transportation, efficient and centralized management of container transportations. In the Republic of Azerbaijan, all container platforms and rail container transportations are operated by “ADY Container”. “ADY Container” provides services with its own fitting platforms and containers for various purposes in container sites located in Baku, Sumgait, Ganja, Khirdalan, Astara and Alyat. In the Baku Terminal alone “ADY Container” has a hangar with an area of 10 thousand square meters, various types of containers, multi-tonnage cranes and other technical equipment for fast and safe transportation of goods. Taking into consideration accessibility and efficiency of services, “ADY Container” provides online services to customers as well. Main objective — creation of transparency and favorable conditions in the field of logistic services, increase the volume of industrial freights from the Caspian and Black Sea regions, Europe, Central Asia, the Far East and Gulf States.The company provides to clients favorable and reliable services in the rail, sea and automobile transportation sector.

Our mission

The main objective of our company is to justify customers’ expectations and provide them with high-quality services as well as intensify transit freight transportation sphere of the country and become one of the leading container transportation companies in the region and in the world.


Quality policy

Total customer satisfaction as well as sustainable enhancement of supplied quality and services. Our main policy is contribution to the economic development of the country, possessing exemplary structure, treat with respect to society and the protection of environment. To conduct regular trainings for the development of recruiting staff.

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