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East - West

Name of Project: NOMAD Container Train:Route: China-Kazakhstan-Caspian Sea-Azerbaijan-Georgia-Turkey and / or Black Sea-Europe.

East-West or Trans Caspian International Transport Route (TITR) -is intended for the growth of freight transportation from China to Turkey and the European Union countries as well as in the opposite direction.Management and development of this transport route is carried out by the Consortium created by the participating countries.Participants of the consortium: in China - Chinese Railways, in Kazakhstan - KTZ Express, in the Caspian Sea - Caspian Shipping Company, In Azerbaijan - ADY Express, in Georgia - Trans Qafqasus Terminals.The block train "Nomad Ekspress" goes along this route takes freights from China to Europe on average within 10-12 days.)(This is one of the main advantages of this transport corridor.


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The leader in container transportation in Azerbaijan

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