Environmental Impact

More than 2,000 kilometers of the country’s main railways are electrified.Providing environmentally safe energy source for railroads, which account for the bulk of freight, is an extremely important factor in reducing the amount of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.It is clearly obvious that road transportation considerable harmful to the environment.Previous year’s statistics illustrates the share of harmful substances released by cars into the atmosphere was 981. 9 tons.Compilation of dangerous and polluting substances consist of 56.3% hydrocarbons, 13.0% carbon monoxide, 12.2% sulfuric anhydride, 9.7% nitric oxide and other chemicals.Air pollution with freight railway transportation will not even reach to 1% in the country.Once again these figures confirm the importance of railways as an ego-friendly mode of transport and this makes it necessary to increase the volume of railways in transportation.Selection of freight rail transportation will contribute environmental health to the country and the world.