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Go Green with us!

Our Mission

ADY Container LLC builds its activities on the priorities of sustainable development and the environment, resource conservation, balanced economic and social progress, along with commercial goals. Based on these priorities, the mission of ADY Container LLC in the long run is to achieve the following:

On sustainable development and environmental priorities:

  • To create conditions for Azerbaijan to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals by operating in accordance with the policy of Azerbaijan Railways to decarbonize the country’s transport sector, taking into account the current minimum share of Azerbaijani Railways in carbon dioxide emissions equaling 0.08%;
  • Contribute to the sustainable development of the country as a whole by developing the principle of “green” transport in Azerbaijan;
  • To become a leading company providing environmentally efficient services in Azerbaijan and the region by increasing environmental safety;

Priorities for resource conservation, balanced economic and social progress

  • Reduce the traffic burden on roads by promoting more rail freight;
  • To support the social acceptance of expanding rail freight sector;
  • To promote the concept of “intermodality” in Azerbaijan in general;
  • To create conditions for further industrialization of the country, diversification of production and transportation of more value-added final products by accelerating the process of containerization in general, taking into account that more final products are transported by containers;
  • In order to transform our country into a transit hub in the Eurasian region to provide access for Azerbaijan’s transport and logistics companies to complex logistics solutions and products based on the principles of fairness, equality and transparency.