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Together towards a Greener World!

Go Green


Share of carbon dioxide emissions

The share of carbon dioxide emissions of Azerbaijan Railways in the country is only 0.08%.

Together towards a Greener World!

“Green” transportation concept

Guided by the priorities of the Republic of Azerbaijan on environmental protection, ADY Container LLC aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the country as a whole by developing the principle of “green” transport in the country.

The company operates in accordance with the policy of Azerbaijan Railways to de-carbonize the transport sector of the country.

ADY Container encourages more rail freight to protect the ecological balance and supports social acceptance of the expanding rail freight area.

Together towards a Greener World!

Our impact on the environment

As a transportation company, we build our operations in accordance with the following requirements to minimize our impact on the environment:

– Improving performance in accordance with ISO 14001-2015 Environmental Management System

– Considering environmental management as part of our responsibility and using environmentally friendly materials in all our work

– Fulfilling our sectoral and legal obligations in matters related to our environmental activities, complying with international law

– Ensuring that waste is disposed of in accordance with its characteristics, supporting their recycling and reuse, and minimizing pollution from our waste

– Exploiting fuel oil that minimizes greenhouse gas emissions in all transport vehicles using environmentally friendly “Green Engines”

– Development of environmentally and socially sensitive corporate understanding and work processes