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An alphabetical list of Logistics terms


Administrative Fee – Local line agent fees for paperwork. May be charged per bill of lading or per container.
Agent – An organization or individual authorized to conduct business on behalf of another organization or individual for a fee or commission.
Arrival notice – Notification to the consignee of the arrival of the cargo.
Awkward load – Oversized cargo.


Bale – unit of load

BAS / Base Rate – basic, base rate

Bill – account for payment

BOL / Bill of Lading – transport receipt. The document shows a list of goods

Booking number – sea order number


Cargo – Goods that shipped

Cargo Agent – transportation agent

C.B.M. (C.M.) – cubic meter

Certificate of origin – cargo certificate

CFS / container freight station —container freight station

C.O.D. / Collect (cash) on Delivery – payment at delivery

Consignee – uploader

Containerization – containerization

Containerized freight – cargo transported in a container

Consignee – uploader

Consigment agreement – a contract for the delivery of goods

Consigment document – consignment note

Consigment invoice – consignment invoice

Consolidation – merger

Container – container

Container allowance – permission for container transportation

Container cargo – container load

Container deport – terminal

Container rate – container shipping rate

Container ship – a vessel carrying a container

CY / Container Yard —container terminal


Dead Space – a storage area ordered by the shipper but not used

Delivery Order – instruction to deliver the goods from the warehouse

Delivery status – location information

Delivery terms – delivery condition

Delivery time – delivery time

Destination carrier – the carrier that delivers the cargo to the final destination

Differential Rate – the difference in tariffs arising when transporting goods to the same station on different routes

Discharging —discharging

Diversion – change route

Door-to-Door – door-to-door transportation

Drop-off charge – payment for the return of the container

Drayage – payment for local, off-road transportation


ETA / Estimated Time of Arrival – expected delivery date

ETD / Estimated Time of Departure – expected delivery date

Export – export

Export ban – export ban

Export conditions – export conditions

Export Declaration – consignor’s export declaration

Export invoice – export invoice


FAK / freight all kinds – cargo of various purposes

FEU is a conventional unit of load

Fee – reward, fee or fee

FCL / Full Container Loading – a fully loaded container for one customer

Freight – freight, freight.


GATT / General Agreement on Tariff and Trade – General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

GRI / General Rate Increase – increase in base rates according to the volume of traffic

Groupage cargo – mixed cargo

Groupage container – a container for mixed cargo


Hauling costs – transportation costs

Hazardous cargo – dangerous cargo

Heavy cargo – high density heavy load

“Hot-shot” run – transportation of goods by high-speed train

HH / House-to-House – door-to-door delivery


IMO Surcharge – extra charge for dangerous goods

Import – import

Import approvals —import permission

Import ban – import ban

Import declaration – customs declaration for import

Import License – import license

Impost – customs duty

Inland traffic – domestic traffic

Inland Clearance Depot – internal customs warehouse

Interchange – transfer of a container from one carrier to another

Interchange Points – an exchange point: a station for the transfer of goods from one transport line to another

Intermodal – transportation by different modes of transport

Intermodal Transport – combined transport

International consigment note – international consignment note

ISO / International Organization for Standardization – International Organization for Standardization

International unit is an international universal unit of measurement

In transit – “cargo is on the way”

In-transit damage – damage to cargo on the road

In-transit delay – load delay

In-transit loss – complete or partial loss of cargo on the road

Intraterminal switching – maneuvers within the station

Invoice – invoice


LCL / Less-than-container – “the load is less than the load capacity of the container”

Letter of Indemnity – letter of guarantee

LI / Liner In – “Receipt and loading of cargo at the container terminal includes freight” l

Lien – Permission to store cargo to secure freight

Lift-On / Lift-Off – loading / unloading

Line-haul – long-distance transportation

Loading date – download date

Loading pattern – loading pattern


Marking goods – cargo marking

Measurement cargo – large volume, light weight

Minimum Charge – the minimum charge for shipping


Notice – warning

Notice of delivery – Receipt of receipt of goods


Open-Top Container – an open-type container without a ceiling and side walls

Origin – point of departure

Outbound cargo – shipped cargo

Out-of-time – time violation

Overload – overload


Pallet pattern – load placement scheme

Perishable Cargo – perishable cargo

Place of arrival – arrival point

Protective service – service provided on the way

PSS / Peak Season Surcharge – additional payment due to the increase in traffic due to the season


Railage – rail transportation

Rail carrier is a railway company

Rail freight – freight transportation by rail

Railway berth – a shipyard with a railway line

Rebilling – rewriting the invoice

Receipt – receipt

Reefer – refrigerated container

Rejection notice – act of refusal of goods

Returned goods – returned cargo

Revenue freight – commercial freight

Rte. / Route – route


Salvage value – assessment of damaged load

Seal (Container) – a slider that is inserted into the container after loading

Seal record – accounting documents with numbers of containers and sliders

Service contract —contract for transport services

SOC / Shipper’s Owned Container – “the container belongs to the customer”

Shipper – shipper

Shipment tracking – cargo control

Shipped bill of lading – transport receipt

Shipped value – the value of the unloaded cargo

Shipper’s Export Declaration – shipper’s export declaration

Shipping order – shipping receipt

Shipping permit – shipping permit


Tank Container – a container for transporting liquid cargo

Tare Weight – container weight

Trf. / Tariff – a set of tariffs

Terminal – terminal

TEU / Twentyfoot Equivalent Unit is a conventional unit of load


Warehouse – warehouse

WB / Waybil l – bill of lading


ZIP code – zip code