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Fitting wagon-platforms

Fitting wagon platforms are used to transport oversized containers of various sizes (20 foot, 40 foot, and 45 foot). One of the important conditions during transportation on fitting wagon platforms is the placement of containers in accordance with safety requirements.
According to the terms of loading, the containers are fastened to the dimensions of the wagon platforms using fittings installed at special junctions.

The length of the fitting platforms is classified in “foot” as in containers dimensions. For example, on a 14-meter long 40-foot fitting platform, you can place two 20-foot containers or one 40-foot container.

Features of fitting platforms owned by ADY Container LLC:

80-foot fitting wagon-platform, model 23-469-07

Naming: a fitting platform for large containers
Length mm: 25 500
Container weight: 25 tons
Flooring: metal
Number of arrows: 4
Structured speed: 120 km / h
Availability of parking brake: yes
Number of fitting stops: stationed – 4 pieces, folding – 24 pieces
Carrying capacity: 69 tons
Number of portable containers: 20 foot – 4 pieces, 40 foot – 2 pieces

Note* The presence of installation fittings allows you to assemble different types of containers on the platform

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