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Optimal routes

The development of an optimal route and organization of transportation is one of the important elements in the provision of quality freight forwarding services. It is created as a result of a comparative analysis of all possible routes.

The following terms are taken into account when developing an optimal route:

  • Dispatch and destination points
  • Terms at the point of dispatch and destination
  • Required delivery time
  • Dimensions and weight of the load
  • Possibility of transportation by different modes of transport
  • Existence of contractual relations with freight companies of different profiles
  • Requirement to accompany cargo along the route
  • Preferred border crossing points and customs clearance
  • Restrictions of various types of cargo on the passage through checkpoints and logistics centers
  • Other information for the uninterrupted delivery of cargo by different modes of transport

The optimal route option not only guarantees the timely delivery of the goods to the consignee but also significantly reduces costs by making the delivery reliable and fast.

Team of ADY Container can help you successfully deliver your cargo to its destination by developing an optimal route – a fairly complex and responsible work on the basis of the logistics chain.

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