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How do I get information about my container arriving to the terminal?

The client requests information from “ADY Container” operations department to inform him about container arrival .

What documents should I present to ADY Container to receive my cargo ?

To receive your cargo from “ADY Container” terminal, you must provide a power of attorney on behalf of the consignee, identity card and financial code obtained from Azerbaijan Railways CJSC.

How soon can the cargo be released?

After completing the documentation process and submitting full payment for the services provided, the cargo is handed over to the owner or his authorized representative.

What documents are required to arrange a freight transportation?

The following documents are required to arrange a freight transportation:
a) A contract between “ADY Container” and the customer

b) SCAN copies of shipping documents (BL documents, invoices, certificates)

What are the payment terms for freight shipping?

Payments for transportation must be made in advance. Payments can be made through a bank transfer.

Whom should the original documents be sent to?

The original shipping documents must be submitted to ADY Container’s partner company and sealine documents (BL) to the sealine representetive office in Baku.

How many days is the transit time of the cargo?

Transit time depends on the route in which the cargo is moving.

How is the terminal storage duration of freight calculated?

The term of stay at the terminal is calculated from the date of arrival of the cargo to the terminal. The freight can be stored at the terminal free of charge for 5 days. For every additional day, the storage fee at the terminal is calculated.