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““In recent years, as a result of targeted economic development reforms, particularly in the field of transport, conducted under the leadership of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, our country became a regional unit in international transport. The implementation of giant infrastructure projects in the East-West and North-South directions, on the initiative of the head of state, further expanded the transit potential of Azerbaijan. CJSC Azerbaijan Railways obtain significant share in international cargo transportation, established strategic partnership relations as well, with the PRC, the Eurasian region, Iran, Turkey, the countries of the Black Sea basin, the Persian Gulf, European countries and other important partners in transport corridors. Meanwhile, the volume of goods passing through our country is growing steadily. In order to effectively manage and respond to these challenges and the constantly growing volume of cargo, Azerbaijan Railways CJSC introduced a number of institutional changes – OOO ADY Container established with the purpose to carry out and manage exclusively container transportation. The company’s main activities focused on vertical integration, maintenance and transportation of containers in accordance with international standards.

I am sure that the creation of ADY Container LLC contributes to the development of our transit potential and the increase in revenues from freight forwarding. Moreover, there is no doubt that this will positively affect the development of our national economy.””

Cavid QurbanovChairman of “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC