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Health is wealth: Call for Shift2rail

By 16/03/2020August 3rd, 2021No Comments

In order to minimize impact of the coronavirus-induced epidemiological situation on world economy and trade turnover between countries, transport and logistics companies of many countries have strengthened measures towards shifting greater volumes of freight to rail. In fact, unlike other modes of overland transport rail freight transport involves much less number of people in cross-border freight movements, thereby substantially reducing number of drivers crossing the borders and the risk of further spread of disease.

ADY Container joins these global efforts in order to contribute to safeguarding epidemiological situation and public health in our country. Despite restrictions caused by epidemiological situation in the region, ADY Container thanks to its collaborative efforts with regional partners, continues to deliver its transport and logistics services at the same scope.

ADY Container offers transport-logistics companies, exporters and importers favorable terms for freight forwarding via rail – more secure mode of transport. In order to boost national export potential, most favorable transportation terms are applied to export cargo.

You can reach us by the below contacts and we will be happy to answer your questions regarding transportation of import, export and transit freight from any location of Eurasia.


Tel.: +994 51 225 11 21

+994 12 599 66 16

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