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Transit opportunities of Azerbaijan are presented at the exhibition “TransLogistica Uzbekistan 2023”

From November 1 to 3, 2023, the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, became the center of attention for the regional logistics and transportation industry as it hosted the 19th International Exhibition “TransLogistica Uzbekistan 2023.” This event brought together leading companies from various countries representing the field of transportation and logistics. Over 200 companies from 15 countries participated in the exhibition, and more than 3,000 visitors were expected over the course of three days.

Among the participants, there were also the “Azerbaijan Railways” CJSC and its two subsidiary companies, “ADY Express” and “ADY Container.” These companies presented their advanced solutions in the field of freight transportation and logistics. Furthermore, “ADY Express” and “ADY Container” played key roles in important transit corridors passing through the territory of Azerbaijan, showcasing the possibilities of these transport routes.

During meetings and negotiations, these companies offered a wide range of logistics services covering various sectors. Exhibition attendees had the opportunity to learn more about the collaboration possibilities and familiarize themselves with the work of these companies.

It’s worth noting that representatives of “ADY Express” and “ADY Container” actively participated in the exhibition, conducting numerous meetings and negotiations. Additionally, the management of “ADY Express” also took part in the Transport and Logistics Forum, which ran in parallel with the exhibition. This provided a unique opportunity for exchanging experiences and discussing topics related to the future of logistics and transportation.

The “TransLogistica Uzbekistan 2023” exhibition and the Transport and Logistics Forum are among the crucial regional events for the industry, creating a platform for interaction among key players in logistics and transportation.

Representatives of Azerbaijan, taking advantage of this opportunity, expect to acquire new partners and attract additional cargo traffic for transit routes passing through their country.